Bupa – Scuba Diving Adventures Around Australia

  Sunday, August 07, 2016     News

Bupa – Scuba Diving Adventures Around Australia

We are proud to sponsor cancer research through the Cancer Council Australia. Started by our Founder Mark Tozer in 2013, Dive for Cancer’s objective is to raise funds for much needed research into treatment and early detection. We’ve been mobilizing a community of divers into taking action to increase awareness and to make a difference with our Dive for Cancer events held annually at popular dive spots around Australia and now internationally.

We were delighted to be recently featured in an article by Bupa Travel Insurance on some of the best diving spots around the country. We simply couldn’t go past Port Noarlunga, which is a beautiful reef dive and is perfect for novice snorkellers and experienced divers alike.

Each February since we established Dive for Cancer, over 130 divers gather together at Port Noarlunga, South Australia for a dive – an Australian first. Below the surface there are 12 markers/plaques with detailed information, interesting fish and aquatic plant life.

Since its inception, Dive for Cancer has raised thousands of dollars and we encourage people who are inspired by the cause to get involved by donating, volunteering, or offering to host an event. We hope our motto rings true for you: ‘The more who dive the more survive’.

Find out more fantastic dive spots around Australia in the article by Bupa Travel Insurance, ‘Scuba Diving Adventures Around Australia’.

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