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Donate to the Cancer Council for cancer patients and be a part of the combat against cancer. Your contribution towards Cancer Council supports the multi-faceted mission to eradicate cancer and the associated sufferings. By donating to Cancer Council, you could be a part of the valuable research to develop breakthrough treatments that would save millions of lives across the country. The Cancer Council invests donated money in clinical trials, to support health professionals and facilities and to train their staff to educate Australians about detection, prevention and treatment of cancer. Cancer Council Donations can indeed bring in a huge difference.

Watch Cancer Council extend their great support to the cancer patients and their families. And you receive the unmatched joy of bringing hope into someone’s life. Please donate today to Cancer Council and become entitled to this happiness and a lot of blessings.

All donations made to Cancer Council that are over $2.00 are tax-deductible. Contact now for more information about Cancer Council and Dive for Cancer mission.

When you donate you’ll give hope …


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Direct Bank Deposit BSB:105 900 ACCOUNT: 952 451 440  NAME: Scuba Divers Federation SA. Please remember to put your name in the account name.

Funds raised in 2024 benefit the Cancer Council South Australia.

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