General Questions

Cost of registering to dive is $65.00 which includes lunch at the Port Noarlunga Life Saving Club with donations going to the Cancer Council. Come and be a part of a great day and support a great cause.

All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible when the donor receives nothing of value in return. However, should you purchase a raffle ticket or an entry ticket to a fundraising event this is not a tax deduction. For more information about taxable donations, please contact the Australian Tax Office.

The event will generally go ahead rain or shine. In extreme bad weather the organizing committee will decide if it is safe for the event to continue, if we have to cancel the Dive the lunch will still go ahead at 12.00 pm.

Dive for Cancer will have qualified First Aid officers and several qualified rescue divers in attendance for the entire event. Oxygen will also be available and can administered by trained O2 providers.

Lunch is provided by Dive for Cancer entrants and volunteers.
Most venues around Port Noarlunga will have food available during normal business hours, but otherwise we suggest you provide all of your own food.

No, But all donations, no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated.

No. However all youths (under 18 years) MUST have one adult supervisor on the dive at all times and be qualified.

Your registration fee includes lunch and a Dive for Cancer and all of the fun that comes with Dive.

Online by clicking on the Buy Ticket button at the top of the page filling out the appropriate paper work and paying the entry fee.

Yes and we want to see as many people as possible taking part. If tickets are available you will be able to come for lunch and enjoy the day as well as watching divers taking part. You will not be able to dive if you are not certified.

Not telling :-)

Volunteer your services or join the committee. Many hands help share the workload and we are seeking assistance to help the committee organize the event. This is a great opportunity to shape the future of the Dive and support your community toward the fight against cancer.

Why participate in Dive For Cancer?

Dive for Cancer is not just about the amazing experience on the day. It’s also about the fun ways you can raise money in the lead up to the event.
Cancer Council is not government funded. We need your support to help to reduce the impact cancer has on our communities.

1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85. Each dollar you raise can make a difference in helping fund Cancer Council’s research, prevention, education and support services.

•$1500: Can help fund groundbreaking research into the causes of cancer and into new and improved treatments.
•$1000: Can help the cancer council fund clinical trials, which test new and improved ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.
•$500: Can allow a research team to purchase tissue samples for use in investigating the cause of cancer as well as potential treatment options.
•$100: Can help the cancer council to provide resources to health professionals to assist them in adopting proven methods in treating and caring for their patients.
•$50: Can help the cancer council train a staff member for the Cancer Council Helpline (13 11 20). The helpline is a confidential telephone support service accessible to all Australians for a cost of a local call. Specially trained staff can answer questions about all aspects of cancer, including prevention, early detection and treatment.
•$25: Can enable the cancer council to provide a newly diagnosed cancer patient with important support and resources to help them through their cancer journey.

Fundraising tips and ideas

Set clear goals of what you want to achieve and make sure everyone feels involved. For example;

  • Ask friends to raise $10 a week towards your fundraising goal.
  • Think of what you already and then add a fundraising element. For example if you often go to the movies with friends, why not contact your local cinema to discuss fundraising movie nights

Once you’ve set your goals, the easiest way to achieve them is to work each step you’ll need to take to reach your target.

Team Fundraising:

By fundraising as a team you can pool your resources and work together to raise funds.

The key to successful team fundraising is to

  • Keep your fundraising ideas simple
  • Remember to keep the process low stress and enjoyable for everyone.

Individual Fundraising:

Fundraising within your own personal network is a great way to share the Relay For Life experience with people in your life.

You can set up personal online fundraising pages to assist with your ask.

To boost your fundraising, consider doing different kinds of fundraising activities throughout the year - just make sure they are convenient for participants, easy to take part in and fun for everyone.

Contact your own personal networks. It’s important to remember that people are usually willing to give, especially when they understand why you’re passionate about raising funds. Talk to your friends, family and work colleagues about your motivation to Relay and ask them donate.

Explore ways you can use own interests to raise funds for your team.

For example if you like going to the movies why not hold a movie night or if you are a trivia buff put your own trivia night on.

The list of fundraising ideas is endless it is only limited by your imagination.

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