About Us

Helping Your Money Sponsor Cancer Research in Australia

Established in September 2013, Dive for Cancer has created a unique identity for itself. We have pioneered a new and exciting way to draw financial aid for cancer research in Australia that has been acknowledged wholly and solely. The seed for Dive for Cancer Day was sown while going through the Cancer Council website which reveals research and efforts in progress to find more realistic cancer detection, prevention and treatment methods. It inspired our though to why not enhance participation in this direction but in a way that would gain instant attention. Our strong desire to serve the Australian cancer society motivated us further.

The first Dive for Cancer Day was an instant hit with participation beyond our expectations. We are proud to have hosted the event with an increasing success rate and at various regions and cities across the country. Apart from diving, lunch and a wonderful association with the generous contributors like you, we are happy to bring guest speakers who provide complete information about cancer research in Australia. Most importantly, we enjoy the privilege to honour the achievement you acquire by donating time, money and efforts for Australian cancer society.

We also express our gratitude towards Cancer Council website for this wonderful inspiration and opportunity. Hope to continue Dive for Cancer regime with even more enthusiasm!  

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