Our Mission

Nurturing the Dream of Cancer-free Living


Dive for Cancer started by adopting the vision of a world equipped with better cancer prevention and treatment procedures that leads to the improvement of the quality of life. It inspires our mission to support cancer awareness while making significant contributions towards cancer research and cancer care Australia. We are pleased that we share the mission of fight against cancer with Cancer Council Australia and donors and volunteers like you.

Our charity program is dedicated to add pace to the ongoing research work, clinical trials and other endeavours to develop new and more potent weapons for fight against cancer. A part of our mission is to help the Cancer Council offer better resources of all sorts to the health professionals and individuals and families bearing the brunt of cancer. We also wish to support cancer awareness among fellow Australians who fail to find a suitable medium to contribute their valuable involvement in the anti cancer mission.

At the same time, we are concerned that your donations are fully and aptly utilized only for cancer care Australia, while you enjoy the peace and happiness of participating in the noble cause. We are eager to bring in a huge difference and we appreciate your interest in making our mission a success.   

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