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Breaking News

NEWS FLASH!!! Sold out. Yes that’s right folks in under 1 month all tickets sold, that’s a record. However, there is a small, very small window of opportunity for those poor souls that missed out. We believe there may be just over 6 tickets sold which will be returned. People who have purchased and now realize they cant make it but until they are posted back and we’ve refunded the money, we wont know exactly how many… we may may even online auction a couple. Well keep you posted. Thanks to everyone for getting on board.


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  1. Paul Rowland says:

    am keen to dive this weekend … I have a few friends already going to the event … Will be extremely disappointed if I cant attend . BTW … its rather silly to limit the tickets as toe more the merrier … and more to donate to a good cause ….

    • Mark Tozer says:

      Hi Paul
      It is limited due to seating capacity in the room for lunch, trust me i would love to have more people attending and raise much needed funds in the fight against cancer. .

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