Karen Edgelow

Karen Edgelow

Halocline Pty Ltd trading as Deep Dive Gear is owned by Dave Edgelow.  Dave and his wife are enthusiastic about all aspects of diving, however Dave is partial to exploring deep wrecks and caves and Karen enjoys the critters, from the very large (manta rays, sharks and whales) to the very small (nudibranchs – oh no!).

We have been lucky enough to travel to many countries to dive and we have enjoyed them all for the unique and special things to see.

We appreciate good quality and robust equipment but we found ourselves modifying, and in many cases simplifying our equipment configurations to find solutions that fitted well and worked better for the diving we were doing, especially Karen who needed special configurations for injuries sustained in a car accident so she could enjoy the underwater world more fully.

Dave also recognized that another challenge in Australia was local prices being so expensive compared to some overseas suppliers. So he decided to put the business ‘on-line’ to reduce overheads, and while he can’t do anything about exchange rates or local taxes, prices are checked regularly to follow the aim of offering the best quality dive gear at internationally competitive prices.We figured that we may not be alone in our search for quality, well designed, simplified diving equipment, and that is how Dave came up with the plan to launch ‘Deep Dive Gear’.  He decided to make this dive gear available to other divers in Australia, who like quality rather than complexity and prefer the minimalist style to keep their diving systems simple and streamlined.

We are also very enthusiastic about our underwater photography (but our enthusiasm far exceeds our abilities!).  Have a look at our photos page.  Please feel free to share your dive photos with us and your diving adventures on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram – Deep Dive Gear.

Deep Dive Gear now offers TDI technical diving training using internationally recognised sidemount and backmount systems, depending on customer’s objectives – please contact Dave for details.

I look forwards to seeing you in the water.

Dave & Karen

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