Helena Wescombe-Down

Helena Wescombe-Down


Helena loves being near, on or under the ocean (her star sign is Pisces!). Having learnt to dive in 1986 SCUBA quickly became Helena’s biggest passion and she went on to make it not just a part of her recreational life, but also a big part of her working career.  Back in the 90’s Helena was a co-owner of Divers Service.  Not long after having bought into the business she became a FAUI (and ultimately NASDS) Instructor and a member of the NASDS national committee, responsible for agency courses and standards. After leaving that business she then went on to work at Adelaide Skin Diving Centre, which was one of the oldest dive shops in Australia, but sadly closed many years ago.  Helena finished her diving teaching career as an NASDS Course Director when the agency folded in Australia.

After AdSkin (as we called it back then) she became one of the four founders of the Shark Shield electronic repellent device, heading up the administrative side of the business as General Manager.  Those were fun and rewarding days, especially when emails of thanks were received from customers who’d had encounters with (unwelcome and unfriendly) sharks and actually seen the Shark Shield in action turning the shark away.  Helena no longer has anything to do with the business.

As well as diving, Helena has a background in business management and likes to get involved in helping organise ventures whenever she can.  Helena is currently the Secretary of the Scuba Divers Federation of SA, having been on the Committee, this time around for 4 years – however she was also an active Committee member for many years over 20 years ago.

Over the years Helena has enjoyed many overseas diving holidays, the most recent being the Maldives, which was pretty spectacular and very relaxing.  However her favourite dive locations are Truk Lagoon, Uepi Island (in the Solomons) and more closer to home, the area down near the Gap off Marion Bay – if you hit the right spot, it’s incredible (just not as warm as those tropical dive sites).  High on the bucket list is Kimbe Bay in PNG – maybe soon??!!

Although having dived with Dive for Cancer before, this is the first year (2023) Helena has been involved in the organising Committee.  Like so many people, Helena has been touched by family and friends who have suffered and sadly died from cancer.

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